Project 1B

In a world where the Gods who had offended Zeus were punished to lived among mankind on Gaia, Nyx’s divine family of darkness was one of them. The only way to sustain their divine power was by exploiting the weaknesses of mankind, thus she created a lair, Hypnos. It was a place for humans who had lost their way to be able to succumb to their temptations which came at a price, their life which sustained the fallen gods. However, it was now time for Nyx to hand the reigns over to either one of of her favourite children, Oneiroi, the purest hearted out of the two or Moros, the darkness that even Zeus himself fears of. The good to change the future of mankind or the darkness to continue causing chaos on Gaia? Her decision will change the future of mankind, her entire family, possibly even Mount Olympus.

I was inspired by Greek mythology during Art History lecture (yup, I got distracted) and I started researching about the gods when I came across Nyx who bore gods of darkness yet she and her family were little known of. Hence, I decided to create a story for them to let the world know more about who they are and that although they are rarely heard of, they should not be underestimated. Also, my story and it’s characters were taken from childhood memories whereby I really enjoyed reading books about greek mythology and wondered about how different life might be if the gods still walked on earth with us and so I might have just made my childhood dream into a reality.



She is the Goddess of the Night, thus I made her gown as part of the sky. It transitions from the dusk which is the gold coloured part to night which is the purple hues as the bottom of her gown. Her facial features are young because to me, gods do not age as they are divine beings that have special divine diet.

I wanted to portray her as a regal being with a cold, emotionless face but deep inside her she is a mother and she worries a lot. Yet, when one first sees her, they are instantly attracted to her beauty which is also how she lures in her victims but they are in awe of this cool vibe she exudes.


CHARACTER 2: Oneiroi

He’s the cool guy next door and seemingly perfect and that is the reason why everyone loves him. I chose this picture of google as the model had a melancholy vibe to him which is what I wanted. This helps to convey his character as someone who is perfect and a chivalrous person but his deep-in-thought expression shows us otherwise and maybe he has something that he is hiding or wanting to break out from.

I added black wings to his back not only because Oneiroi was described as so but it further enhances this angelic look of his. The colourful pastel background creates a dreamlike mood but it helps to draw the attention to Oneiroi due to the contrast.



I sourced this image from google too but I coloured the face of the model in black to create this mysterious and eerie feeling to this character as he is supposed to be evil. I layered the shattered glass backdrop behind him as being the god of doom, he destroys everything so he makes his entrance with something destructive. I tried creating this character with a bad boy vibe to contrast his brother Oneiroi.

I really really really enjoyed this project because I managed to convey how I wanted my characters to look like and I could show my style which I thought exuded a fashion magazine vibe to it. However, my poster needs to show a feud instead of just the mother in dilemma post.