Project 1B: Sequential Imaging


It followed the same storyline as my previous 1B project


The storyline did not change much because how does one evil family take on a 180 degree change in personality?


This was the first scene which I wanted to capture the seductiveness of Nyx in a club thus the laser lights surrounding her. She seduces to feed on her prey which are humans who have succumbed to vices.

Hypnos 2

The second scene portrays her in the Hypnos, her club/lair thus still featuring the laser lights in the background. I wanted to portray her as a VIP like those VIP tables in Zouk (LOL) so I added the throne behind and skeletons at her feet because humans are her food. Also, people raving are added into the foreground who are seemingly unaware of the situation.

Hypnos 3

Now the whole family unites together to bring darkness to the whole word because well everyone is always hungry for more everything like power and control. I like the RBF (resting bitch face) this model gave so I took it along with the D&G 2013 fall campaign I think? Because they reminded me of her minions and also YAS to girl power! I took most inspiration from D&G because of this particular regal collection and the stunning designs. Also, there is some colour symbolism with the red, gold and black theme. 

Hypnos 4

This evil family is going to take away the most purest place of all which is Mount Olympus and so the army marches into the sky, bringing their darkness along with them.

Hypnos 5

No happy ending this time. The Queen and Mother of Darkness reigns with Olympus in ruins.