Project 3: Mis en Scene


The descent to hell is easy

My group (Shi Teng, Vanessa Tan and I) came up with the 6 lines rather easily and quickly for this project. I had always wanted to do a darker, more sinister theme for this project so when we created the lines, it went perfectly well with my idea.

The six lines follows:

What do you see?

I see red.

I don’t want to do this anymore.


I’m sorry

It’s too late.

This is my first ever film I’ve directed, produced and starred in it which I found challenging as I have never did a project like this and editing was quite difficult at times because I was still learning/getting used to the program (Premiere Pro). There was a LOT of googling involved haha. Overall it was quite an experience after seeing the time and effort placed into it to create a film that I envisioned.

The plot for this film is basically about the protagonist (Me) but she has a split personality and her other self is sinister, psycho and is fighting with her normal self to take over her. But who wins in the end?

The first scene shows the protagonist at the psychiatrist (Shi Teng) where the audience sees the protagonist as her normal self but something is troubling her. The next scene follows the protagonist to her car where she is alone and surrounded by her thoughts when she looks into the mirror to see her other self appear and frightens her normal self to feel like giving up. Next, the protagonist is shown running but the scene itself rewinds to portray as though she was running away from something which is later depicted as the fight for control in her mind. Then, the scene jumps back to the original running scene where the protagonist is frantically washing blood of her hands and apologises as though she is sorry for what she is about to do next. The last scene well you need to watch it to know who wins…

I feel that for my film, it had a lot of colour symbolism to it and I really like the soundtracks I used which was from Misere mei deus by Agnus Dei, Lacrimosa by Mozart and a Youtube composer, Peter Grundy. Altogether, it creates this power play in the film and the ascension to power with the ethereal choral voices.

My film can be viewed here:


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