Mark making session

We had a mark making session a few sessions back and we had to bring items from home that could be used to stamp a certain pattern onto the paper.

Newsprint, black block printing paint, chinese ink, rollers and palette knives were given to us to experiment on different techniques to create our monoprints.

1st attempt at creating a pattern on the newsprint

I used a roller for all the patterns on this paper but experimented on different pressure and angles to roll on the paint. For the leftmost pattern, I used a snowflake cut out and placed it underneath the paper. I dripped splotches of paint onto the roller itself and rolled it out to create a repeated splotches effect with a snowflake pattern. For the other patterns, I simply experimented with the ways and amount of pressure to roll the roller and it created a layered, textured look.

2nd attempt but this time using more items.
2nd attempt but this time using more items

This time I used more items to create a distinctive pattern and layered them for a unique look. Through this, I realised that certain objects I brought such as imprinted pennies were unsuitable to create patterns as the grooves were too shallow hence paint became stuck in it.

3rd attempt
3rd attempt

My last attempt consisted of using both the rollers and items and it turned out unexpectedly nice because initially, I did struggle with the rollers to give it an even coating of paint. However, I preferred the faded look of the paint as each roll created a unique look whereby it was lighter on the eyes and had a rather whimsical look to it.

I quite enjoyed the process even though it was rather messy but it did teach me to work with a monotone medium as I normally preferred colourful mediums.