Assignment 2 – Unpredictability

First day when I found out my topic was Unpredictability, I freaked out a bit because I had no idea what I wanted to show and the term itself could mean so many things. I even joked about doing something similar to Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 10 whereby she lays out 10 knifes and plunges each one of them quickly into the space between her finger. 

I switch on the first cassette recorder. I take the knife and plunge it, as fast as I can, into the flesh between the outstretched fingers of my left hand. After each cut, I change to a different knife. Once all the knives (all the rhythms) have been used, I rewind the tape. I listen to the recording of the first performance. I concentrate. I repeat the first part of the performance. I pick up the knives in the same sequence, adhere to the same rhythm and cut myself in the same places. In this performance, the mistakes of the past and those of the present are synchronous. I rewind the same tape and listen to the dual rhythm of the knives. I leave.

Then Peter commented why do that when I already did that last sem and at first I did not understand then I realised he meant because I sliced my finger open 🙁 Sigh. 

Ok but I started brainstorming and came out with a few ideas from the dictionary definition of Unpredictability.

I planned on using the concept of Tarot cards bc they’re known to be unpredictable when it comes to knowing your future but at the same time they are predictable as someone reads that future, thus predicting. The tarot cards would be a modern day version which shows different desires on it and similar to the traditional tarot card, the person wanting their future read has to transfer their energy on to the cards by placing their hands above the cards and selects the one that “speaks” to them.