4D | Project 4 : Poetics of Time [Final]

Photo Credits: Jacob Chio

P O E T I C S  O F  T I M E 

Poetics of Time | For this final project, we were given the freedom to create an encounter that expresses either one of the categories of time. For me, I chose measured time, also known as actual or clock time. Besides, I also chose to do  installation art for a change.


It took me a really long while to decide on what I wanted to portray for this particular project but I eventually settled for what I would normally call a deep and poetic installation art. Indeed, I took the theme of the project – Poetics of Time, to a literal manner where I wanted to portray the meaning of time to me in a poetic manner.

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3D | Project 4 : Ma’s Obscure City of Void [Group]

This post concludes our final project for foundation 4D! A pat on the back to everyone of us for pulling through the module!

To view the individual pdf, you can access the links in the below:


3D | Project 4: Ma’s Obscure City of Voids [Individual MoodBox]


3D: Project 4_Mood Box (Individual/Group)




Foundation 3D Project 4: Individual Mood Box

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3D | Project 4: Ma’s Obscure City of Voids [Individual MoodBox]

4D | Project 4 : Poetics of Time [Research]

This is a research post in relation to the upcoming project – poetics of time, where as the title states, a project that centers around the idea of time and space.

Categories of Time

Measured Time

Also known as clock time, is time quantitatively measured by regularly recurring events of intervals.

Linear Time Circular Time 
There is a beginning (the past), present (current) and an end (the future). A repeating process that creates continuous and infinite outcomes.
Experienced Time Also known as perceived time, is the perception of time passing influenced by the psychological disposition and attention of the individual.
Edited Time  is time that has been cut up and rearranged.

Linear Time Non-Linear Time
Where time is mapped out in chronological order (past, present and future). Where time is not mapped out in chronological order.

Example: Montage & Time-lapse Photography

Biological Time Is the measure of time relating to bodily functions, such as when we feel awake, tired or hungry.

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4D | Project 3 : Impossibilities of Being [Final]

A balloon is a flexible bag made from materials such as rubber and/or latex that can be inflated with helium, air or even water. Commonly given for special occasions, balloons are used for decorative and/or entertainment purposes.

There isn’t a specific reason as to why I chose the inside of a balloon as the space I would like to be in. In fact, it was a pretty random thought that hit me as I walked past a group of kids with varying coloured balloons tied to their wrist.

Regardless of age, balloons have this special effect on people where being given a balloon, one’s mood will instantly be lifted. It then occured to me how under-appreciated balloons are and I figured that it would be interesting to have a different view or perspective of the same surrounding but a different space.

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