3D | Project 1 : 2D Sketch Analysis of Interesting Object

[First Lesson – 18 August’17]

Prior to our first 3D lesson, we were tasked to bring along an object that we find 3-dimensionally interesting. I looked around my empty room in hall, and the object that came close to being interesting was the bottle given to us during our freshmen orientation camp!

Came the first lesson of 3D where everyone was given a chance to present the object that they found interesting and through which, we were taught on the various factors to be considered when analysing the object. For 2D sketch analysis, we have consider the object as 2-dimensional where it is flat and drawn with no perspective.

Hierarchy of Visual Information | Level of Dominance.                         Refers to the attention that is drawn to the most important information (focal point within a composition).

Factors that influence the attention:

  1. Scale : Relative size
  2. Contrast : Arrangement of opposite element
  3. Colour : Hue > Intensity > Value
  4. Positioning : Arrangement of visual components

Types of Hierarchy

  1. Dominant (D) : Has the most visual emphasis/weight, with a large surface spread. Usually a single element in the foreground.
  2. Sub-Dominant (SD) : Secondary emphasis and complements the dominant.
  3. Sub-Ordinate (SO) : Has the least visual emphasis/weight and is usually a finishing touch to the object.
Mass & Void
Mass Void
A filled volume An empty volume
Positive mass Negative void


Principle of Axis Essentially the longest length cutting through the subject (leading to the line of symmetry).
Line of Symmetry
Symmetrical  Asymmetrical
Everything is perfectly and evenly balanced out. Dis-similiar elements but still appears balanced.
Rule of Thirds
  •  Guideline intended to help the artist with the placement of the elements.
  • Creates tension, interest & energy rather than placing the element in the centre.
Cluster of Similar or Contrasting Volumes Dependent on the % relative of void of the subject.

Using the terminologies listed in the table, I will analyse my interesting object – bottle! This bottle was given to us by the school during our freshmen orientation camp.

3d images of the interesting object:  

2d sketch analysis of interesting object:

As the form of the bottle is pretty structured, instead of dissecting and explaining the bottle into the 3 different views, I will analyse and explain the key design details as a whole.

Other details that I found to be interesting:


These grooves are present on the top and bottom of the bottle. In the below is a short explanation of what grooves are in the different industry:

(Wood-making) Joinery Engineering
A groove is a slot or trench cut that runs parallel to the grain. A groove is a long indentation built into a material.

Rubber Stopper/Ring

If you look closely, there is a rubber ring at the bottle opening. The rubber ring serves to prevent any leakage of water in the case of accidental spillage. I have also identified it as the sub-dominate (SD) and sub-ordinate (SO) where it complements the dominant, that is the structure of the bottle itself.

That’s it for my analysis.

Thank you!


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