4D | Project 4 : Poetics of Time [Research]

This is a research post in relation to the upcoming project – poetics of time, where as the title states, a project that centers around the idea of time and space.

Categories of Time

Measured Time

Also known as clock time, is time quantitatively measured by regularly recurring events of intervals.

Linear Time Circular Time 
There is a beginning (the past), present (current) and an end (the future). A repeating process that creates continuous and infinite outcomes.
Experienced Time Also known as perceived time, is the perception of time passing influenced by the psychological disposition and attention of the individual.
Edited Time  is time that has been cut up and rearranged.

Linear Time Non-Linear Time
Where time is mapped out in chronological order (past, present and future). Where time is not mapped out in chronological order.

Example: Montage & Time-lapse Photography

Biological Time Is the measure of time relating to bodily functions, such as when we feel awake, tired or hungry.

Installation Art 

Installation art is a modern movement characterised by immersive, larger-than-life works of art. Usually, installation artists create these pieces for specific locations, enabling them to expertly transform any space into a customised, interactive environment.

Characteristics of Installation Art 

Immersive A key attribute of installation art is the ability to physically interact with viewers.
Larger-than-life Scale Given the interactive nature, most works of installation art are large in scale. The sizeable statures enable viewers to be completely immersed in each larger-than-life environment.
Site Specific Given the strategic nature of the design and uniqueness of the surrounding, site-specific works of art ensures a one-of-a kind aesthetic and experience.

Reference Artist 

To Live On (2005) by Min Jeong Seo 

Based in Busan, Korea. Min Jeong Seo’s installation abounds the existential questions concerning the offset of death and the continuation of life.

To Live On, Min Jeong Seo
To Live On, Min Jeong Seo
Subject Non-Representational | Dried stalks of roses & medical infusion bags suspended in the air.
Form The dried stalks of roses are preserved and kept fresh by the medical infusion bags that’s suspended in the air.

The lifespan of every living creature is limited. The infusion bags stands for the progress in medicine and the prolongation of human life. Essentially, the life of the rose is sustained with the aid of the infusion bags is artificial and codependent.  In other words, to preserve the beauty of the flowers artificially with the help of the infusion bag points out man’s inclination to repress the fact of having to die and to postpone death. 

Content  Intellectual Content | This installation aims to get the viewers to confront our fears concerning sickness and death and our constant pursuit of youth.

30 Days Time-lapse at Sea (2017) by Jeffrey HK

A maritime youtube vlogger that aims to capture and share with everyone the feeling of sailing in the open ocean.

30 Days Time-Lapse at Sea
30 Days Time-Lapse at Sea
Subject Representational | 80,000 combined photos of the skyline (day and night) while sailing through the open ocean for 30 days.
Form Edited Time | Recording and capturing of close to 80,000 photos through a time-lapse that has been edited to produce a 10 minutes video.

Recording the route from Red Sea – Gulf of Aden – Indian Ocean – Colombo – Malacca Strait – Singapore – South East China Sea – Hong Kong which took close to 30 days, Jeffrey recorded a time-lapse to capture the skyline of the city in hopes of sharing the experience with the viewers.

Content  Emotional Content | This video aims to get the viewers to take a step back and appreciate the skyline that we are graced with.

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