3D | Project 4 : Ma’s Obscure City of Void [Group]

This post concludes our final project for foundation 4D! A pat on the back to everyone of us for pulling through the module!

To view the individual pdf, you can access the links in the below:


3D | Project 4: Ma’s Obscure City of Voids [Individual MoodBox]


3D: Project 4_Mood Box (Individual/Group)




Foundation 3D Project 4: Individual Mood Box

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3D | Project 4: Ma’s Obscure City of Voids [Individual MoodBox]

3D | Project 3 : Mnemosyne’s Scent [Fashion Accessory | Final]

This post marks the completion of Project 3 – Mnemosyne’s Scent. For our final piece, we were grouped in pairs where we were tasked to create a fashion accessory based on our planar designs and plastic sculpture that can be found in the below:

Planar Design
Jiayi https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/engj0007/3d-project-3-mnemosyne-scent-planar-design/
Daphne https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/daph0016/3d-playing-with-planes/
Plastic Sculpture
Jiayi https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/engj0007/3d-project-3-mnemosyne-scent-plastic-sculpture/
Daphne https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/daph0016/3d-project-3-scent-2d-planes-3d-planes/

Introducing my gorgeous partner & model, Daphne!

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3D | Project 2 : Gaia’s Ikebana [Final]

This post marks the end of the second foundation 3D project – Gaia’s Ikebana.

This post will be written in the following sequence:

Pointer 1 Brief Overview of the Project:

  • Project Criteria
Pointer 2 Introduction to Ikebana:

  • Definition of Ikebana
  • Types of Ikebana
Pointer 3 Research on Summer: 

  • Definition of Summer
  • Colour Palette
  • Mood
  • Seasonal Food & Fruit
  • Plating
Pointer 4 Thought-Process:

  • Sketch-models
  • Inspiration & References
Pointer 5 Final Model:

  • Analysis of Final Model
  • Explanation of the execution

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3D | Project 1 : Pandora’s Box [Final]

This post marks the end of the first foundation 3D project – Pandora’s Box.

This post will be written in the following sequence:

Point 1 Brief Overview of the Project
Point 2 Thought Process of the Given Word
Point 3 Experimental Process
Point 4 Finalised 2D Sketch Model
Point 5 Process of Making the Final Model
Point 6 Final Model


For this particular project, we are to create a 3D sketch model that composites of rectilinear volumes.

Definition of Rectilinear: Moving in, consisting of, bounded by, or characterised by a straight line or lines.

Essentially, we are to organise 3 rectilinear volumes, establish the dominant, sub-dominant & subordinate relationship among them and create a composition that exhibits the word given to us.

However, we are to identify the principal axis of each rectilinear volume and keep the principal axis of the volumes perpendicular (90 degrees) to each other.

For a better understanding of the terminologies involved, you can check it at my previous post: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/engj0007/3d-2d-sketch-analysis-of-interesting-object/#more-111 

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3D | Project 1 : 2D Sketch Analysis of Interesting Object

[First Lesson – 18 August’17]

Prior to our first 3D lesson, we were tasked to bring along an object that we find 3-dimensionally interesting. I looked around my empty room in hall, and the object that came close to being interesting was the bottle given to us during our freshmen orientation camp!

Came the first lesson of 3D where everyone was given a chance to present the object that they found interesting and through which, we were taught on the various factors to be considered when analysing the object. For 2D sketch analysis, we have consider the object as 2-dimensional where it is flat and drawn with no perspective.

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