4D | Project 4 : Poetics of Time [Final]

Photo Credits: Jacob Chio

P O E T I C S  O F  T I M E 

Poetics of Time | For this final project, we were given the freedom to create an encounter that expresses either one of the categories of time. For me, I chose measured time, also known as actual or clock time. Besides, I also chose to do  installation art for a change.


It took me a really long while to decide on what I wanted to portray for this particular project but I eventually settled for what I would normally call a deep and poetic installation art. Indeed, I took the theme of the project – Poetics of Time, to a literal manner where I wanted to portray the meaning of time to me in a poetic manner.

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4D | Project 1 : Picture Story – Curating Self

Annyeong! This post will be on our very first project for Foundation 4D | Project 1 : Picture Story – Curating Self. 

In this project, we are given 3 different pictorial task to complete:

Task 1 : Me Where we have to creatively introduce ourselves using 3 photographs.
Task 2 : Object and Representation of Self Where we present an object that has significance or symbolic value that is parallel to an aspect of your life.
Task 3 : My World Where we share a series of photos of a location that evokes feelings from within.

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