History of Design (IM) | Key Work Selection

The Chandelier Harp

The Chandelier Harp is an interactive instrumental installation using movements and laser lights to trigger sound.

Much like plucking the strings of a harp, the Chandelier Harp consists of 24 red laser light beams arranged in a circle. When the light beams are interrupted by any form of human movement, the sensors will trigger the circuitry and produce a musical note.

History of Design (IM) | Artist Selection

Jen Lewin

The artist that I have chosen is Jen Lewin, a light and interactive sculptor based in New York City.

"It’s not just an interaction with the art piece, 
but an interaction with people around who are also
interacting. It sort of becomes a community 
experience in the artwork." - Jen Lewin (2016)

Sitting at the intersection of technology, art and community, Lewin specialises in large scale interactive installations in public spaces, combining elements such as light, sound and complex engineering. Her goal is to use technology to create a community experience (connectivity between people) in under-used public spaces.


Reference: http://jenlewinstudio.com/contact/about/