Graphic Form | Project 2 : Locale [Final – Zine]

For this project, we are to create a zine that responds to a specific location in Singapore through abstract or highly stylized graphic form and colour.


The concept behind this zine is really simple where I wanted to focus on how the three main demographics (children, adults and elderlies) in Dakota Crescent come together to form a bond that ties the entire estate together.

Art Direction 

For my zine, I chose to use lines as the main element of design. This is because I wanted to focus on the residents living in Dakota Crescent. The lines are representative of the bonds between the residents where these lines can go on forever.


This an overview of my zine.

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Experimental Interaction | Arduino Tutorial

In addition to Processing, this week we will be experimenting on a similar open-source hardware known as Arduino.  

Arduino is an open source computer hardware and software company that designs and manufactures single board micro-controllers and kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objectives in the physical and digital world.

We were given the Arduino Uno Rev3 together with some LEDs, photoresistors and resistors to experiment with. The Arduino Uno Rev3 is a micro-controller board that comes with 14 digital input and/or output pins.

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Experimental Interaction | Research Critique : Marc Garrett’s DIWO

Do It With Others (DIWO) is primarily a collaborative project development model similar to crowdsourcing, which binds individuals with similar interests. Generally, DIWO is implemented through websites or portals, where users highlight their interests and the projects they are working on.

The nature of the project can be anything from software application development, research, new innovation or even a social cause. People work with each other to support their project or cause, through with the internet helps to facilitate this form of crowdsourcing.

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4D | Project 4 : Poetics of Time [Final]

Photo Credits: Jacob Chio

P O E T I C S  O F  T I M E 

Poetics of Time | For this final project, we were given the freedom to create an encounter that expresses either one of the categories of time. For me, I chose measured time, also known as actual or clock time. Besides, I also chose to do  installation art for a change.


It took me a really long while to decide on what I wanted to portray for this particular project but I eventually settled for what I would normally call a deep and poetic installation art. Indeed, I took the theme of the project – Poetics of Time, to a literal manner where I wanted to portray the meaning of time to me in a poetic manner.

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3D | Project 3 : Mnemosyne’s Scent [Fashion Accessory | Final]

This post marks the completion of Project 3 – Mnemosyne’s Scent. For our final piece, we were grouped in pairs where we were tasked to create a fashion accessory based on our planar designs and plastic sculpture that can be found in the below:

Planar Design
Plastic Sculpture

Introducing my gorgeous partner & model, Daphne!

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2D | Project 2 : Forrest Gump [Final]

This post marks the end of Project 2 – Forrest Gump!

Hallelujah, I’m so glad that it’s over judging by how much I struggled in trying  to interpret the quote and coming up with a composition that accurately represents my interpretation.

In this post, I’ll include the

  • Background information of the movie (quote)
  • Ideation
  • Process
  • Final design

for the individual quotes.

For most of my design compositions, I took the quote out of the movie context and illustrated it in the most literal manner. After trying out the different styles, I figured that this was style that suited me the most.

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