Experimental Interaction | Research Critique : Marc Garrett’s DIWO

Do It With Others (DIWO) is primarily a collaborative project development model similar to crowdsourcing, which binds individuals with similar interests. Generally, DIWO is implemented through websites or portals, where users highlight their interests and the projects they are working on.

The nature of the project can be anything from software application development, research, new innovation or even a social cause. People work with each other to support their project or cause, through with the internet helps to facilitate this form of crowdsourcing.

There is a particular section of the article that discusses about the imprisonment of creativity in the prism of brutal economic marketisation to meet the mainstream art world. It writes,

The more art meets the demand of business, governments & the super-rich, the more the promise of that freedom falters.

– Stallabrass, 2011

In other words, there has been a growing concern with regards to the art world becoming increasingly commercialised. This is where art is rarely considered based on its own merits but more of conforming to what is marketable to the consumers. This leaves us with an art culture where artists are merely consumer brands, resulting in a cultural homogeneity in where we are forced to see art much like product that is ready to be purchased in a shopping mall.

But, what if these artists prefer by choice to be part of an art world less based on hegemony; and are more interested in being closely connected with their grass root art cultures, and are less interested in art celebrity culture?




What if this art is asking important questions that deserve a dialogue which goes deeper than marketable products?

In fact in this digital age, for an art piece to actually be recognised and accepted by the consumers, certain criteria have to be met, be it technological or traditional skills. This actually closes down possibilities for a wider, creative dialogue that goes further than the aesthetics of an art piece.

However, with the introduction of DIWO, these artists are now given a platform to showcase their art pieces, with an imaginative exploration of engagement that not only opens up new forms of art, but also, new, shared, connected and potentially critically informed values.


DIWO (Do-It-With-Others): Artistic co-creation as a decentralized method of peer empowerment in today’s multitude

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