History of Design (VC) | Week 11 : Creative Response (DADA) & In-Class Activity

Creative Response: 


Generation gap is a prevalent issue that has not been addressed and resolved in Singapore where there is a growing disconnect between the younger and older generation largely due to the lack of understanding of dialects. Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese and many more dialects are the primary language of the older generation. However with globalisation, there has been a dying trend in dialect amongst the younger generation where there is general perception that there is no economic value in learning dialects.

This collage was created as a tribute to the dying trend of dialect in Singapore. Despite the lack of conversational skills in dialect, I am sure the younger generation are familiar with the phrases included in the piece. Most of the phrases such as ‘mai paiseh’ which translates to ‘don’t be shy’, ‘buay pai leh’ which translates to ‘not bad leh’ are common phrases that are still being said. Hence, it will be great if the younger generations put in greater effort in learning their respective dialects, bridging the gap between the older generation.


William Morris (1834 – 1896)

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Amongst William Morris’s work, I took interest in a piece titled Acorn, 1879. It is a formalised pattern of acorns, oak leaves, flowers and leaves.

I believe that this piece would work well as a wallpaper print in the homes of Singapore with the tropical elements. Besides, the subdue, neutral palette would provide an elegant touch or finishing to the house without having to come off as overwhelming.

Here’s an example of the acorn print as wallpaper.

Cubist Portrait

This is my cubist portrait drawing of JJ which I think I think is a failed attempt.