My Line is Emo Process part 1

Other then what i said i was going to bring the previous week, I went scavenging the school grounds for twigs and leaves.

Most of them created dry lines on the paper due to its inability to retain water.

For most scenarios the mark was first very watery, before splitting of into broken hairlines. I did not like it as they gave similar emotions whilst looking at it.

I decided trying to use the leaves in a different way. Since i had been using them whole previously i had decided to cut out a small segment from it.

Using the long flat side I created a rippling effect.

This one looks interesting, its lines are partially broken in some areas and full in others, which creates a slightly negative emotion when looking at it. I’m going to use this for sadness, due to the lines that cut off creating a void, a bit like the emptiness one would feel when they are sad.

I broke the large stick i found in multiple pieces so it was easier to handle. I also made sure that the bark started flaking at the ends so that it gave a rougher texture.

Using the thicker paint i manage to create a few set of interesting lines.

Chucks of the wood ended up in the lines for the first, and it created a jarring effect that i want to use for horror.

The other three i tried to create a swirl pattern, to imitate the idea of Zest, being enthusiastic and all over the place, in my opinion the second and third was the most like Zest.

I saw a palette knife lying around, and wanted to know if the lines created would look the same as the one made by wood.

As it turned out, metal creates more fluid lines then sticks, yet by handling it in certain way, the effect made by the sticks can be replicated with a palette knife.

Someone left the work station dirty with stains on the whiteboard, so I started playing with the work space. It turned out, the effect of wetting the wall and ‘stamping’ it against the paper gave me a more unique effect. i started playing withe the ink, most of them came out with splotches, and empty patches. They looked like sadness.

I am probably going to photoshop all my plausible ‘sadness’ mark making together to create a new composition all together.

Lastly I tried out using the cotton buds. I had a feeling that the cotton buds were going to create uniformly rounded lines, hence choosing it to portray positive emotions like affection.

However, the lines were to uniform. the lack of variation in the entire composition made the composition bland. Hence i would have to look into other ways of creating the idea of ‘Affection’.

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