Week 1 Assignment

‘Open source as a Culture’ by Siva Vaidhyanathan highlights the positive effects of Open Studio, however the essay also focuses on the negative. Open Studio Practice ‘increases the creativity’ with idea sharing. However it also results in the issues of Copyright and increase in online hackers. The creation of the internet results in increased accessibility to ideas, images, information etc, it has been easier to steal them as well.

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(source taken from: http://geekmexico.com/blog/hakers-genios-sin-merito/)

This leads many large companies like micro-soft, as mentioned in the essay, to protect their intellectual property with copyrights and trademarking.

On the other hand, ‘Open Source Studio’ by Randall Parker discuss several ideas regarding the evolution in the Art world with the birth of technology.

The first being the interconnectivity brought by the internet. With the creation of the web what has traditionally been isolated, for example the artist studio space, portfolios, etc, can be communicated to a global scale. Many people have taken to the internet to voice through social media (eg; facebook, Twitter), online forums have been created to share information with the communitty creating discussions without the need to congregate. Similarly, Open Source Studios takes advantage of the connectivity brought by the internet and becomes an online sharing platform that showcases artworks of various medias to a international audience.

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(Source is taken from: https://greenerideal.com/interconnectivity/)

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(Source is taken from: http://conceptartempire.com/gathering-online-art-critiques/)

Secondly, the essay references Siva Vaidhyanathan’s ‘Open Source as a Culture’, which once again brings across the dilemma that follows open space practices, copyright.

Finally, the essay also highlights the works of artists that have embraced the idea of Open studio Practice. DIWO or do it with others is a concept that encourage sharing of ideas or Audience interaction.

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(source take from: http://ruthcatlow.net/?page_id=27)