something i did on the last minute while struggling to get back the time i lost during my rehearsal days for my hall’s production (whoops).

i re-did my entry as the piano was really… just too creepy ew it dominates everything and blows everything out of proportion.


reminds me of my 3D ew kong kong kong kong kong

I then removed the piano sounds and recorded a few more (apart from the running into the woods and running sounds which i downloaded since i do not have the luxury of time (whoops again) to record, this is my second piece.

I only used a total of five layers as i was aiming for a more direct, straight-to-the-point narrative where the two main characters were exploring at the marketplace, then exiting the marketplace to the long road to the woods, ready to take on their mission/agenda to investigate ILU. For those whom had no idea what is ILU, look at chapter 2.

it was my first time using premiere since vegas kept crashing on me.
it was my first time using premiere since vegas kept crashing on me.

Ever since i was a young girl, i was always drawn to game soundtracks that never fail to bring me into a new environment. I have always relied on them to bring me into another dimension while I am studying to make studying a whole more ‘joyful’ process.

These soundtracks have a focus and a mood. They are simple and clear. Hence i wanted to achieve clarity through conveying a mood of nature that fits perfectly to the city of Natura. fine.

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god damn it why am i doing this again? every year my info keeps changing im so done

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