Lore VI

Celebrations in Natura are rather grand in scale. Every race has their own celebration during certain days of the year.


These race-exclusive festivals are mainly to worship their gods and thank them for the smooth-sailing year. Some of these celebrations would also include a mark or a date on an very important event in their history, and this celebration or day serves them as a reminder to this very day.

Although these celebrations are race-exclusive, they are still rather grand in scale and other races are also more than welcome to celebrate with them.

on the whole

Natura has a few standard (or default) days of celebration, mainly the founding day, harvest festival and the¬†crowning day. These festivals are very large-scale and grand, and many people from other countries and cities are very welcome to join and celebrate with a huge feast. And of course the one with the heartiest feast would be harvest festival…. like of course there will be lots and lots and lots of food.. [OOC] that’s my favourite festival! [/OOC]

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