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Finally, we head on to the last project of 2D for this semester!

And, we’re working on colors. Honestly, I’m really bad at working with colors for any sort, and I always end up leaving my works just in black and white.

So this time round, in a way I had less of a choice, but yet it’s a good challenge for me too, to work with colors.

Initially I had no ideas at all, the picture below is just a random sketch of somewhat an idea I was trying to go for which didn’t really work out that well.


It also felt pretty good that we were allowed to do anything we want for this project. I wanted to do something related to comics and to also implemented a way of using colors.

After some researching, I came across some pop art style illustrations! Especially those involving Marvel comic characters.

These are the few pop art style characters that I came across! I really liked the way the characters are framed in each composition, and also the way the colors are used. So from here, I started to come up with ideas for my project, while implementing this Pop art style.

I searched more on the different classic styles of pop art, the way they used colors and how it compliments each other really well.

That’s when I first came up with my idea. Since the project Ego was about ourselves, so why not take it more literally and really just do about myself, about what’s been going in my life, and what I want to happen in the future too! And of course, why not use my own face in the project itself! Also, each composition that I was going to do, was to be drawn from scratch digitally in photoshop/illustrator!

So here’s one! The start of the illustration begins straight from drawing a portrait of my own digitally!

So basically this is more or less the process of how I digitally draw each and every template of my composition! Also, most of the characters in the composition is actually me that’s in it, just that I take a picture of myself, and then vectorize the image. The process of vectorizing and drawing digitally wasn’t too hard, but was quite fun actually. A good practice for digital drawing!

The part after that brought about the difficulties, and that was the input of colors.

For starters, the background. I searched about the styles pop art has for their back are polka dots.

So i found a template online and started putting together different backgrounds that I could use for my compositions.

These are the many colors schemes that I played around with, and colors was a huge problem for me, so these naturally took quite a while to get done. But still, I played around with the colors, by following the color wheel, I found which colors complimented which and used them.

And from there, it just came down to inputting the colors into my composition!

So far you’ve noticed I have not talked about my idea yet, but don’t worry, it’s a simple idea, and I’ll explain just right below here along with my final compositions!

For starters, this is my first line! ME + Eating Junk Food = FAT.

Basically, it’s a story that I have used for my foundation 4D project as well. It’s about my issues with weight gain. As of now, me eating junk food can easily make me put on weight, so it’s a current issue that i’m always facing.

And from there, we move on to my second line! Exercising – Junk food = Getting Fit (A better me).

We now move on to the second part, which is something which I want to achieve to make a better me, to make myself feel better. So it is about me exercising, and from there, restraining myself from consuming junk food of any sorts. Only then, would I be able to maintain a healthy and fit body. Getting physically fit!

From there, we move on to my third line. Being Fit x Intelligence = An Ideal Me.

I’m pretty sure many of us have heard of the phrase All brawn and no brains. So as to achieve and ideal me, combining and multiplying both a physically healthy and fit body, plus a mind of outstanding intelligence, we can probably achieve that. Bringing the phrase to being, All brawn and brains!  Why not right? Haha!

Last but not least, my fourth line! Career + Love = Family (Me in 10 years).

Moving on from an ideal me, something that I do hope to achieve in 10 years or so. To be able to get a good job that I really love, to finding true love with my better half, and from there, building a nice and simple family and living happily ever after! Like straight out of a fairy tale.

But why not! That is what I hope to achieve, and i’m glad I get to express myself well for this final project. Some might say I’ve taken it a little too literal, but that’s just the way i’m expressing myself! And also, I’ve learned so much from the use of colors, and the use of a new style of drawing and framing my compositions.

Presentation Picture(lower res)

Here’s a picture of my final piece all framed up! (Taken after presentation)


Though a little difficult at the start, but I had so much more fun towards the end.

The end to a great semester, and yet another project, but already looking forward to what’s to come next, til then!

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