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Another illustrator I looked at is Tom Haugomat, an illustrator and director based in Paris, France. His style echoes his talent in animation as they are more cinematic and feature design that are eye-level or from a bird-eye, isometric view.

It is interesting to note that his designs include textures as well – be it a subtle grain, a scratch in the metal, or upon closer inspection you may notice a texture paper of sorts in the detail. Perhaps this subtle detail creates a sort of vintage element to his designs or just allows his prints to look that much more stylistic.

Compared to Malika Favre, Tom Haugomat creates more in his images in the background to create a sense of space – such as a simple geometric poster, silhouettes of bottles, trees and bushes, or little details like a man cut off frame midway. These elements are details that allows us an insight of the space better – is it crowded or quiet, is it warm or cool, or even what are the people around the main characters doing?

Perhaps what I am most amazed by is how Tom Haugomat sometimes does not have one dominant color, yet the space is balanced out in terms of colors that there is no ‘fights’ between the colors for attention and it feels as though the image is whole.

He achieves this by either using analogous harmony thus the images are generally either much cooler or warmer in tones, or perhaps giving each part of the image it’s own dominant color – such that an interior has one whilst the exterior has another.

hmm, but something to consider.

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