Forrest Gump – Silk Screening Process


Silk screening has always intrigued me, there is something exciting about having total control on how your design is going to be like – how it looks, where it’s placed and doing it manually – it is so refreshing.

I started with picking one design I wanted to silk-screen and I picked my inception piece – as it was interesting, clear and looked most antique visually.

I started with printing a transparency and then using light to create my silk screen. I then manually used a sponge to scrub out the gel and cleaning it up with the jet spray. I learnt to save the detail by observing the silk screen through red light and finding the details.

I experimented with test pieces onto newsprint – but I cannot use a screen too much as it was commented that it might ‘clog’ the silk screen. Occasionally it appeared too light, smudgey with too much black, or just generally faded in certain gaps. I also realized that the consecutive prints will never be as clean as the first print so after two tests, I did a thorough clean of my silk screen and went for my final silk screen print.


Overall it was fun to get my hands dirty and have it printed out, it allowed me to learn to adapt my design to fit the situation and method of printing and having a personal design created onto my bag by hand, really gives me a sense of attachment to my product and my design. This was so refreshingly fun.

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