Field Trip to Harvey Norman

Why Harvey Norman?

Actually, by going to Harvey Norman, it is possible to see why our field trip was held there.

I managed to take note of the new trends in household product these days~

  1. Colours

The first thing that attracts people is the colour – its vibrance. It draws you to them and it helps to add life into the object. It also helps as a theme – for instance SMEG, by having the same set of colours in a series makes one want to purchase a line of their products – from toasters, to kettles to refrigerators.

2. Convenience/Shape

Some products are shaped with sleeks and curves that are really interesting – such as the cake mixer that looks like a rocket. Also, these days, designers also pays attention to the finest details of the consumer’s needs. Such as having a fridge space fit for an entire cake.

But somehow, for example, the fridge has too many features – it makes me think if the consumer will really use everything? or will these new extra features make the product too complicated and become a complete turn-off!

3. New Technology

Never in my life would I expect to have a transparent iron – or at least the part where it is to be heated transparent. It is quite cool (and expensive) to marvel at – but i find myself asking would i pay for new technology when i can get something of almost the same result for half the price?

I think new inventions and technology is cool but unless it makes a really huge difference, it won’t market as well.

But of course, new innovations is still necessary and who knows it might become a hit product in the future?



Author: Freda


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