Plastic Fusing (MY FAV METHOD) & Applique

Probably my favourite technique of all time – because it is completely recyclable (cost free) and doesn’t create a huge mess!

You basically begin by collecting plastic bag, after some practice and experiment, you more or less will know which kind of plastic bag will produce which kind od results. For me, I started using trash bags as they are single coloured and thin which makes it good to layer up into something strong, along with the “fruit protector” – the white foam thing that protects your fruit, I managed to fuse plastic into a very strong material!

I went on to further to applique – I first sewed a pouch with the strong plastic and also sewed clothes of various shapes onto the strong plastic using the various sewing patterns the sewing machine had to offer.

I decided that I really like the looked of the plastic bags being fused together so I decided to make to big plastic fused bags and sew a tote bag!


Author: Freda


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