Project 2: Forrest Gump

1: Silk Screening Process and Totebag

Our class tried out silk screening to print our designs on our totebags.

After exposing our prints in the dark room, we applied paint on the top part of the silkscreen as seen below.


Placing a paper underneath the screen, we smeared the paint down across the screen using a squeegee.


Lift the screen and we produced our very first print.


I feel that the first print that I did on paper, turned out to be the most successful one as I did not apply too little pressure and made sure to go over the screen twice.



Generally, the prints that I produced on paper appeared fine. However, the one on the totebag appeared slightly smudged. As the totebag print was the last one I tried out, I only discovered that the tape keeping the paint out came off, which resulted in an isolated mark on the totebag too.  Few takeaways are to always check whether the tapes are still intact to keep the paint out and to also go over the screen twice with adequate pressure, whenever silkscreening.

Definitely a new, exciting experience for me!


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