Project 1: My Line is Emo

Finalising My 18 Lines


  1. Jealousy

scan 2 try =

=> Monoprint

anger 1

The black and white lines remind me of wrinkles that form on one’s forehead as they furrowed their eyebrows in jealousy. The lines are also very harsh and look as if paint was smeared on the wall using hands, indicating a form of desperation.

2. Rage


==> Hand drawn line on given template

anger 2

The lines that mercilessly cross each other have this aggressive feeling. Similar to when someone is raging, the rants that one blurts out tend to be harsh and vigorous.

3. Frustration

scan 7 try

==> Monoprint

anger 3

I tend to link the act of furiously crumpling a paper after failed attempts as something I do when I’m feeling frustrated. This crumpled paper pattern that goes upwards shows the rising temper of someone when he/she is frustrated.


  1. Insecure


==> Hand drawn line on given template

fear 1

I did dotting for insecure because it looks as if the dots were scrambling to concentrate to an area where they can’t be seen and camouflaged with the rest. This insecure feeling was amplified when I duplicated this on photoshop and it looked like someone’s insides were all scrunched up and queasy due to feelings of nervousness.

2. Unease

scan 10 try

==> Monoprint

fear 2

The shaky curvy forms show this sense of restlessness and a state of unrest.

3. Anxious

scan 3 try

==> monoprint

fear 3

I related this to anxiety because it reminded me of the rapid pulse of someone feeling very anxious, due to the steep vertical lines.


  1. Relief 

scan 6 try

==> monoprint

joy 1

This got me reminded of relief because it has a calming effect from the soft texture of the gauze to the way the leaves look as if they were swaying from the gentle blows of the wind.

2. Happiness

scan 1 try

==> monoprint

joy 2

Inspired by Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie, it has the illusion of the painting moving and dancing due to the arrangement of the coloured squares. However, for my work, I did not manipulate colours but focused on the arrangement of my angular shards to create this rhythmic movement, giving off a happy carefree feeling.

3. Enthusiasm

k can

==> Hand drawn line on given template

joy 3

When I think of enthusiasm, i pictured how someone not being able to contain his excitement and this zestful energy is transferred in the form of curvy steep lines.


  1. Caring

scan 5 try

==> monoprint

love 1

When I mirrored this monoprint, I could see two faces facing each other which got me reminded of two companions in close proximity. At the same time, the far left and right pattern somehow reminded me of two hearts beating. All of this summed up to how these two “people” were supporting each other.

2. Longing

scan 7 try

==> monoprint

love 2

The wavey forms that look as if they are reaching out for something above give off a sense of desperate yearning.

3. Infatuation

scan 8 try

==> monoprint

love 3

When one has a crush, butterflies are felt in the stomach and I feel that the swirly lines above are the movement of those butterflies.


  1. Disappointment


==> Hand drawn line on given template

sadness 1

The way the lines concentrate on top and so full of hope, only to fall down miserably reminded me of disappointment.

2. Hurt

scan 5 try

==> monoprint

sadness 2

The blurry smudged effect reminded me of tears blurring one’s vision and the thin squiggly lines look very fragile, similar to how vulnerable one is when he/she is hurt.

3. Forlorn

scan 1 try

==> monoprint

sadness 3

The downward sloping forms got me reminded of droopy eyes and slouched shoulders of someone lonely or pitifully sad.


  1. In Awe


==> hand drawn line on given template

surprise 1

The act of being in awe is typically when someone is so filled with admiration that his/her jaws dropped. This can be seen in the gaping angle of the forms that seem to burst out in amazement.

2. Shocked

scan 9 try

==> monoprint

surprise 2

The stark contrast between the black and white forms that unsuspectingly appear and disappear show this shocked feeling that can catch people off guard.

3. Confusion


==> hand drawn line on given template

surprise 3

This messy convoluted pattern show the inner turbulence of someone who is confused.







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