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Sound, Space, Experience Design – Learning Journey reflection!

Really happy that our class was able to go for a trip to the artscience museum during recess week!   There were two exhibitions; NASA and Future World.   Firstly, we went to the NASA exhibition. Since this post is gonna be on the use of sound and space, I’m just gonna focus on this particular installation in the exhibition… Read more →

Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Florist)

Florist are always associated with flowers. Therefore, my first few drafts are all fonts surrounded by flowers. I was also interested in Artist Sabeena Karnik‘s typography where alphabets are being created by flowers surrounding it. However, after looking at these two drafts, I feel that I would prefer having the flowers making up the font and not the font made… Read more →

Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Writer)

For writer, I thought of using crumpled papers to show the rejected ideas that writers have crumpled up and discarded. Thus, explaining my first draft.         After the first draft, I thought it looked quite boring if all of the alphabets were made up of crumpled paper. Therefore, I tried to make the different alphabets be made… Read more →

Project 3: Genre and Narrative – Who Is She

For this project, our group decided to take on the theme of horror. Concept: We researched and got inspired by interesting Thailand short advertisements that end with a twist. We really liked the setting of this short advertisement that ended with a twist and a quirky tagline. One example was the Pantene shampoo commercial that started off with an emotional… Read more →

Project 3: Ego

  Project Ego Processes and Final 12 Squares For this project, I decided to reference work from Max Ernst. I was attracted to his collage works, which consisted of ┬árandom things pieced together to make an interesting composition. I was attracted his work because I feel like I could also make use of random items to symbolise something in this… Read more →

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