Project 1: My Line is Emo

Mark Making Tools and Artist Reference – Using Found Objects

My first mark making tool is a leaf. I have always been intrigued with leaves due to the different forms that it comes with and the textures of the veins can be interesting too. scan 10 try   ==> Leaf

Secondly, I used loose thread as my mark making tool. I was inspired by Jackson Pollock’s “happy accident” method where I would let the material do what it does without controlling it too much. This way, it gives character and emotions to my prints naturally as compared to correcting the perceived “flaw” of my print or if I planned the layout of my print.

MTE5NTU2MzE2MzQ3NDY3Mjc1    ==> Pollock’s Happy Accident

scan 6 try       ==> Leaf and Thread

I dropped the thread onto the plate as it is and allowed the flimsy nature of the thread to take its own unique form, as seen from the top right and bottom parts of my print above.

Next, I made use of gauze and crumpled paper. I was attracted to the contrasting textures found on these materials and decided to include both in one print to show the contrast. The soft curvature of gauze, made up of tiny dots, could give off a relaxed feeling while the sharp angular texture of crumpled paper implies feelings of anger and resentment.

scan 7 try  ==> Gauze and Crumpled paper

Next, I used clingwrap to see what kind of patterns the folded parts of the clingwrap material will produce.

scan 11 try  ==> clingwrap

Lastly, I made use of masking tape to create vertical lines and see what type of feeling it gives off.

scan 9 try  ==> Masking Tape

While doing this, I thought of emulating the style of Piet Mondrian where he made use of only vertical and horizontal intersecting lines made up of primary and non-colours only. He wanted to achieve an utopian state and to do so, he simplified his layout to the most basic ==> Piet Mondrian

Therefore, I photoshopped this particular print to include in horizontal lines such that the lines intersect. I was hoping that it could give me a rhythmic feeling that would imply happy feelings.

scan 9 try try

However, due to the black and white theme, it was not really achieved. At the same time, the harsh and messy lines created by the masking tape did not give the same effect as the clean lines from Mondrian. Therefore, I preferred the original print.




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