Project 1: Alter Egos (Process)


I was watching one of Bob’s Burgers episode when the idea struck me. Tina fantasized that her classmate liked her when in reality, the classmate was just being curious. Tina got into one of her weird daydreams and fantasized about her classmate after that.

I thought that scene would be perfect to incorporate both LSP into this. So, instead of Tina’s classmate, I planned to replace him with LSP. And instead of Tina assuming he had a crush on her, I’m going to replace it with how Tina assumes LSP wanted to be friends with her just because she was walking next to her coincidentally.

Therefore, watching that 1 episode of Bob’s Burgers really helped me to come up with a rough situation to bring out the 2 characters the best.



I just realised that 1 minute is a pretty short duration to portray 2 characters having a conversation really well. Therefore, each scene is planed out such that it clearly depicts what the personality of the character is.

Scene 1: Close up shot of Tina being her nervous self in school. Focus on shifty eyes, stiff movements. like how Tina does. Groaning voice over because that is what Tina likes to do when she’s nervous.

Scene 2: Slowly zooms out to show how small she is compared to her surroundings. How her tiny, frail self is engulfed by the vast space around her. (Shoutout to Arinah for giving me tips!) –> It would be more impactful if I had several of the shots of me in the vast school area instead of just 1 shot of that; with each shot slowly zooming out to heighten the nervous atmosphere. Groans voice over too.

Scene 3: Tina slightly shocked with the arrival of the cool Lumpy Space Princess (LSP).

Scene 4: Close up shot of Tina and LSP walking side by side towards class.

Scene 5: Tina goes on into one of her creepy socially inappropriate daydreams… A close up shot of Tina daydreaming.

Scene 6: She fantasized that LSP wanted to walk her to class when in reality LSP is just walking next to her coincidentally to the same direction and they were also in the same class too.

Scene 7: Full shot of LSP flipping her hair, being dreamy and fabulous.

Scene 8: Back to reality… and the dialogue begins! Tina attempts to talk to LSP.

” So Arinah, it is nice of you to walk me to class today.”

Scene 9: LSP sassed Tina out by giving her a cold reply.

“Omg I’m walking next to you, we’re going in the same direction. We’re literally in the same class. I’m not walking with you.”

LSP rolls her eyes and sashays away.

Scene 10: Leaving an awkward rejected Tina behind.

Scene 11: Close up shot of Tina being back to her awkward self again, this time appearing more rejected and embarrassed. A louder groaning sound this time to link back to the first few scenes and emphasize on the fact that she groans when she’s feeling uncomfortable.



Filzah as Tina Belcher

I decided to wear plain clothes and a skirt to appear like Tina as close as I can. My body movements are stiff and my posture is slightly slouched to imitate Tina. I also kept the shifty eyes especially in the first few shots because that is what Tina likes to do.


Arinah as Lumpy Space Princess

Arinah did a great job acting as LSP. She did the nasal-y voice and even down to the way she carried her phone is LSP appropriate. The way she sashayed away from Tina is comical and really brought out LSP’s character well. She also wore a purple dress to imitate LSP’s colour.


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