Project 1: Alter Egos (Research)


Characters from Literature/Fiction

  1. Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Interior (forms character): She socially awkward and gets nervous easily. Despite all that, she’s fearlessly her in a way that she does not try to cover up her dorky-ness amidst a crisis or hides away her not-s0-cool interests. She also tends to daydream a lot of the things that would not happen in reality.

Exterior (reveals character): She always dons plain clothing and is rather stiff in her movement, which suggests her awkwardness. She does not have hidden evil motives and is usually the nice guy. Therefore, her actions are always done out of pure interest/ to try something new/ to hlp her siblings out.

2. Princess Mia from Princess Diaries

Interior (forms character): Her character is similar to Tina Belcher; a dorky character who gets nervous so easily. I really love how she has grown from someone who has a lot of self-doubts to a person who overcame her fears and prioritised her country first.

This character development feels quite special to me as she discovers a lot about herself and her abilities as she matures despite her self doubts; something that I go through too from time to time.

Exterior (reveals character): She mostly dons her blue school uniform and is very close to her best friend in school, who gives her solace in a time of anxiety or stress. When she’s nervous, she tends to spew things loudly and is a lot more extrovert behind her schoolmates. However, she gradually becomes more graceful after attending princess lessons/ her self discovery.

3. Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time

Interior (forms character): Besides awkwardness, there is also a sassy, rude side to me that I show to people I’m comfortable with sometimes. LSP embodies such a bold character who likes to sass people out, thinking she’s the most popular princess in the Land of Ooo. She’s fearlessly herself and does not care what other people think of her.

Exterior (reveals character): She’s mainly purple and her actions are usually driven by her desperation or out of her greed. She can be the evil character sometimes, as she thinks for herself too much. Her gestures are mostly dramatic and she rolls her eyes/scoffs a lot due to her derisive nature.

4. King Candy from Wreck it Ralph

Interior (forms character): Similar to LSP, I feel like I can relate to King Cnady because what people perceive of me is very different to who I am. Of course, the true me is not as evil as King Candy (or at least I think so myself hahaha) but i like this character a lot because who he really is would come as surprise to the audience.

The twist in his character development would always intrigue me. His character was portrayed in a way that the audience would not suspect him of anything. Therefore, the sudden twist definitely would take anyone by surprise.

This character development is something I’m become very familiar with as it goes by the notion a person should not be assessed by the way he/she acts on the outside/ in front of people.

Exterior (reveals character): His actions would seem neutral/fine on the surface but he actually has hidden motives. He’s also great in pretending the nice guy and covering things up.

5. Gale from The Hunger Games  (book reference)

Interior (forms character): He knows what he wants and is always looking out for other people.

Given the circumstances, viewer’s perception of him changes as the story progresses. This character development kind of reduced viewer’s pity towards him which is interesting as most of the viewers were rotting for him initially.

Probably an unpopular opinion but I agreed with his decisions that led to the whole change in his character. To me, if you believe that something is good for you, though it is the road less travelled, you should just go on with it. This was what Gale did and I understood his actions which was why this change in character development is something special to me.

Exterior (reveals character): His actions are not with bad intentions. However, he could get carried away. As the character develops, he becomes too immersed that he forgot about the ones close to him.

6. Lotso from Toy Story 3

Interior (forms character): Similar to King Candy, people would realise that his surface =/= his character. He may seem lovable at first, but has a fiery, evil personality carefully hidden away.

Everyone would probably know the change in character development for Lotso. The reason being that everything is well executed and you did not expect Lotso to be the mean guy given his warm friendly character at first.

Why this resonates with me? I think what people perceive of me is actually different to who I really am hoho :B

Exterior (reveals character): He has his own greedy pursuits thanks to his dark history. He seems lovable and liked by everyone at first but behind closed doors, he is a big bully.

7. Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Interior (forms character): We share the same interest; FOOOOD. His intentions are usually driven by his greed for food. He is usually in quite daze but would bo so awoken by the sight of food. His character shines the most when there is food involved.

Exterior (reveals character): He gobbles all his food and is sometimes too greedy that he falls to his own demise. He is quite big-sized so he usually has heavy steps and sounds like he is out of breath when carrying out actions.

Public Figures

8. Frida Kahlo

Interior (forms character): She is not afraid to be herself and produced artwork that is unique to her own style, something that I try to become.

She faced several illnesses and obstacles throughout her life that made her bed ridden. However, that did not stop her from producing beautiful artwork that helped her earn the tile of becoming one of the most famous female artists in history.

Her story taught me that while I do have my own limitations, I should not let them stop me from maximising my capabilities. Though this is still something I’m working on.

Exterior (reveals character): She remains strong despite her limitations. She also perseveres a lot despite her failed relationships and difficulties.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

Interior (forms character): She’s very down to earth and has a goofy nature. She loves talking about food to which I can relate a lot.

Exterior (reveals character): Dramatic goofy facial expressions. She could turn something serious into something funny and casual.

(Not a lot of Public Figures because I cant relate much to famous people HAHA)

People I Know

Stories/Characters from personal experience/ Witnessed it

10. My Mother

Interior (forms character): May appear serious but is witty and loves a good laugh.

Exterior (reveals character): Picture a person who’s always the key player behind the scenes and is very busy however, she makes time for us and makes us laugh a lot.

11. My 2nd Sister

Interior (forms character): A messy character who has a hard time to organise her schedule. However, would make time for the people she love.

Exterior (reveals character): Always busy with schoolwork but would stay up late with you to talk to you if you need a listening ear.

12. My 3rd Sister

Interior (forms character): Loves fashion and makeup. Does not really have any other interests besides that. However, will help you ot when you need help especially when it comes to fashion related issues.

Exterior (reveals character): Helped me get ready to prom; helped me a lot since I’m not really familiar.

13. Favourite Teacher

Interior (forms character): Has a chill nature that allows her to click with her students well.

Exterior (reveals character): Her down to earth nature helped pull students out of their shyness, something that I really try to do.

14. Neighbour

Interior (forms character): Always wants to engage in a friendly conversation with you but you’re too shy/ busy/ in a rush. One day, she has left the country and then you finally feel her absence. Made me appreciate what I have in the present more? Like the little, subtle things.

15. Bestfriend

Interior (forms character): She’s loud and is not afraid to speak her mind. She can also be very seriosu when you really need to talk to her.

Exterior (reveals character): Her weird antics often end her up in embarrassment.

From the list of the people I’ve known they’re more to life stories that changed me in a way rather than things that resonate to my character.

Top 2 Characters

  1. Tina Belcher

Interior (forms character): Dorky, always get nervous easily yet still tries her best in every circumstance. Does not hide her uncool interests aka she’s still being herself despite her known “flaws”.

Exterior (reveals character): Plain clothing. Always groans whenever she is in an undesirable condition, stiff movements to emphasize on her awkwardness, shifty eyes, slightly slouched. She sometimes get in a daze, daydreaming about her fantasies.

2.  Lumpy Space Princess (LSP)

Interior (forms character): Sassy, loves mocking people, is full of herself, thinks she’s the most popular princess in the Land of Ooo, selfish.

Exterior (reveals character): Dramatic gestures, rolls yes, has a certain tone in her voice, says OMG a lot, sashays, rarely smiles.


Why did I choose these two characters out of the rest?

I feel like these two characters really embody my personality the best. I also believe that these two character complement each other well in way that both of them do not compete to be in the spotlight, rendering the plot to be less confusing and easier to comprehend.

I also thought it would be really interesting to watch both versions of my personality (Tina’s awkwardness and LSP’s sassyness) come to life and interact.







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