Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Architect)

  • For Architect, I had a clear picture from the start that I wanted buildings to make up the font. Therefore, I sketched a small draft below.
  • After this draft, I was really confident that for Architect, I wanted a thick, blocky font that is made up of buildings.



  • I went on to sketch another draft but now including twirling roads because I wanted to add a bit of movement to the font as seen below.
  • I was quite happy with how the draft looks like so far as it looks more dynamic and alive now.



  • Besides, tall buildings, I thought it would look more interesting if I added in different types of buildings, not just high rise buildings, but also low landed ones.
  • I came up with another sketch, which I feel has more diversity in terms of buildings but still incorporating the roads in between the alphabets as seen below.



I begin to come up with a more detailed draft of how my final font would look like as seen below:

  • twirly roads
  • different types of buildings such as the Tudor buildings, the modern city buildings and even landed houses

However, after completing the draft, I realised that the twirly roads might not really work as they do not help to accentuate the idea of an Architect and it makes the whole font messier. At the same time, I realised that I did not pay much attention to the kerning between the alphabets, making the font appear a little haphazard.



  • Therefore, this time I used a template on Microsoft Word that allows me to regulate the spacing between the alphabets. I also omitted the roads.
  • I also realised in the previous draft that having too many different kinds of buildings may not give a off a clean, uniform look. Thus, for this draft I made sure that the buildings here are only high rise modern city buildings for uniformity. I took reference from New York City’s skyline.






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