Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Florist)

  • Florist are always associated with flowers. Therefore, my first few drafts are all fonts surrounded by flowers.
  • I was also interested in Artist Sabeena Karnik‘s typography where alphabets are being created by flowers surrounding it.


  • However, after looking at these two drafts, I feel that I would prefer having the flowers making up the font and not the font made up by the voids left behind by the flowers, to have a cleaner overall look.img_9358  img_9359




  • Therefore, I tried to manipulate flowers and bouquets into alphabets to make up my name as the 2 drafts seen below.
  • However, after consulting Ms Mimi, I realised that typography should not be too image based. People should understand the meaning behind the design of the font without hints from obvious images.




  • This time, I tried to keep the images to a minimum and the rest would just be normal alphabets to keep the overall font more subtle.
  • However, it is still very much image based since two whole alphabets are made up entirely by objects.




  • Ms Mimi also showed me an example online where the hint of imagery should be subtle like the wave in the B below.






  • My final attempt to keep it subtle is to just give a few hints of flowers and leaves on the curved areas of the alphabets to imply the idea of a florist.


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