Project 1: Que Sera Sera (Process + Research for Writer)

  • For writer, I thought of using crumpled papers to show the rejected ideas that writers have crumpled up and discarded. Thus, explaining my first draft.






  • After the first draft, I thought it looked quite boring if all of the alphabets were made up of crumpled paper.
  • Therefore, I tried to make the different alphabets be made up of different objects that relate to a writer.
  • The second draft still did not look too convincing to me.









  • I also came up with another draft to show how words are bleeding out of my name, to show that a Writer – words?? But I feel that it was not so obvious.







  •  In this third draft, I wanted my name to be spelled out using the title of the books.
  • However, people might misread it as a Librarian instead of a Writer, since the books are stacked neatly next to each other on a shelf like how libraries do.img_9372







  • For my next attempt, I thought that a typewriter would immediately show a Writer.
  • The font would appear  as voids left behind by the random texts on the paper.





  • Besides the typewriter idea, I also came up with anther draft.
  • This time it was just handwritten words making up my name.








  • I decided to invert the font, where now the voids left behind make up the font.
  • I also added in top view of people’s heads, looking downwards and writing.








  • I found out about limiting the need to rely on images for typography.
  • Therefore, I omitted the top view of the heads and just went on with handwritten words leaving behind a void to make up my name in cursive.












  • Ms Mimi pointed out that in the previous above draft, the cursive did not look natural and should be connected.
  • Also, the handwritten words should be my name, and not just any random words scribbled down.
  • Taking into consideration the new changes, I created a another draft below. However, I was still not satisfied with it.













  • I turned back to my typewriter idea and did a new final draft.
  • This time, my name was simply in cursive on the paper.
  • However, it took me a while to remember that typewriter do not generate cursive writing!
  • At the same time, I wanted to change something in this draft: I did not want the whole typewriter to appear on the composition as the focus of the composition is on the font and not the typewriter itself.


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