Project 2: Draw My Dream

For this assignment, I decided to emulate the kind of dreams that I usually have. They are usually whimsical, yet weird. The bulk of it has many imaginative creatures too.

I did some research and came across this graphic designer, Ewa Mos, who does fantastic mixed media photography. She overlays her illustrations on top of her photographs to create a whole new meaning for her images.

Ewa Mos - centaur

Ewa Mos - heart

Link to her website:

I thought that this concept was great for my theme as I am able to draw in the imaginative creatures that could not be found in reality. At the same time, I am able to maximise my ability as I get to incorporate something that I am familiar with that is colouring!

With this concept in mind, I planned out my storyboard; a sequential process of 1 of my peculiar dreams. It is centred around a red ball. Whenever this red ball touches me, it would create weird creatures and scenarios. Towards the end, I became frustrated and started to look for the red ball that started it all… only to discover that it was a red tomato in the end. I wanted to end the dream off by taking a bite of the tomato and then waking up.






After I have confirmed the storyboard, I went ahead and captured the pictures. Next, I coloured in some images  and overlayed them on the photographs using photoshop.

img_5301 lala

One huge mistake that I made was that I was careless and didnt read the last instruction that we had to do it in landscape format! Biggest takeway from this project; to be more careful ><

After I’m happy with the illustrations and photos, I compiled them to make up the entire video.

Here it is:

Definitely, I would try and be more adventurous next time by editing in sound to make the entire video more alive. Learnt a lot and really enjoyed this assignment! 🙂


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