Project 2: Zine (getting lost in fishy Pasir Ris!)

Unlike my first recce, this time I went to Pasir Ris without any plans in mind. The idea this time is to just get myself lost in Pasir Ris and hopefully, chance upon something interesting.


So naturally, we walked down this weird “ulu” lane somewhere in Pasir Ris.


That led us to this.


And this. I took a couple of videos but the media size is too big for OSS ://


I realised that there was nothing much in that left side of the ulu lane so we headed back to the start. I really like the symmetry in this shot :B


I then walked down to the right side of the ulu lane which led me to this. As you can see, I wasn’t doing so great in the beginning because I’ve only been getting dead ends of a street. But it is interesting because the place is really deserted so the place was only filled with birds chirping and the sound of the wind, away from the bustling sounds of a neighbourhood.


We got out of the ulu lane and soon enough, we were nearing civilisation again!





It was not long after getting out of the ulu place when we chanced upon a fish farm! It was actually really near the ulu place so at least we got something out of going there, Yayyyyy!



Once again, I took videos but couldn’t upload them here 🙁


There were even ducks and chickens!






There were a couple of families just happily admiring/fishing there too!


After visiting the huge ponds, we went inside their shop where they had fish aquariums and terrapins!









Thank you Tropical Fish Farm for being such an interesting place!


After that, we headed out and did some more exploring and ended up at Pasir Ris Park. Since I’ve been there for my 1st recce, I decided to move along.


Then we were back at Pasir Ris mrt station again! Took a picture of the roof of the bus interchange because I thought the roofs looked interesting :B


Fortunately, near the mrt station, there was another park; Pasir Ris Town Park! To my pleasant surprise, there was a fish farm there as well! There were so many people fishing there.

Such a fish-filled day for me, hahaha.


Overall, I’m really glad there there was common theme running throughout the day:- FISHES!! 😀 and it wasn’t even planned. I just happened to chance upon them so that’s really great! 😀


Probably my takeaway from my 2nd recce is that there are a lot of patterns in Pasir Ris. From the pictures I’ve taken at the ulu lane to the fish farms, there are so many patterns be it the symmetry of the fish aquariums, tessellations of the fishes, horizontal lines of the fish farms. So I’m thinking of delving into that?? I’m probably gonna try and illustrate some out just to experiment first! 🙂




















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