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Installation work; color-printed zine, 8 pages, double-sided, 14.8 x 21 cm; wooden holder, 7.5 x 19 x 5 cm

Artist Statement 

Book Return Paranoia is a visual response to my multiple misadventures with bookdrops. These are times when items I returned are not registered properly. I then face the irony of having to explain why I should not be fined for not returning items that I have indeed dutifully returned. Hence I become increasingly paranoid when I approach a bookdrop. There is a strong compulsion to prevent such misunderstandings and protect my integrity as a decent library user. This has culminated into Book Return Paranoia, an odd read that I created to warn others and share my peculiar experience.

But the questions still surface incessantly.

“Is it returned? Or is it not?”


Details of Pages

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Concept / Process

The cover page was really just for entertainment purpose and to grab attention, I just thought about the frustration of receiving the library fine and my newfound uneasiness with the bookdrop and just made a face. Added the extra silhouettes that emanate from around me to attempt to create a sort of ‘wave of my paranoia’.

I went really simple in terms of colors and layout as I wanted the zine to be easy to read. Used simple pictures or vectors to illustrate the points. Everything was done in Photoshop where I used an A4-size canvas to format and adjust the layouts. After which, I had to arrange the pages in printing order (covers, inside-covers, page 2 & 5, page 3 &4) then I used two staples to do a simple saddle stitch binding for the zine. I went to Daiso to find a simple holder for my zine to be placed in (budget installation 😀 )

For the tips and tricks, they are things I actually will do except for the sound recording but maybe I should try that too because like that will have more evidence! Hopefully this will soon wear away because after going through the process of this installation project, I find that I kinda overreact on this issue and it will certainly become a self-joke in the future.

Yeah so this is my simple installation, placed in the place I thought was most interesting to work with at the library.