Working on the game now and thinking of the mechanics to create something playable.. based on much of the suggestions from the beta-testers we’ve had as well as Prof. Vlad who is giving us a lot of feedback on his experience in trying to learn the playing of the game.

A Case Study in Interactive Narrative Design by Carol Strohecker

would like to share, above, this study I read where the writer is engaged in a discussion on looking at these issues as design problems. and how we might then proceed to solve them. she raised some plausible solutions like pacing of interactive and non-interactive “chunks”, which is like a control of the time and learning curve of the user. As well as creating a dynamic feedback loop which will allow users to check progress and know that they are sticking to the program.

I think this is simillar to some suggestions we have had to create some progress bar thing in the game we are making. although i wonder if there can be an elegant representation of that…