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For this assignment, we were given a patch and told to tweak it by adding extra functions / effects to it.

So here are the two things I did:

  1. Increased the definition from originally 4 crop pieces to 16.
  2. Add an audio played with a drunk object in step and get those average signals to prepend to the brightness, contrast and saturation of the final image

So I ended up having what I felt was quite a cool colourization with a matching soundscape to it. The figure also looks more define and seen clearer as I gesture or move around the screen.

So this wraps up the last class assignment. I learnt quite a bit for Max this semester. Hopefully it might be useful in some ways in the future. Although I greatly still prefer coding in Java or C# for Unity. But I guess having the ability to control and manipulate in real time has its added advantages (provided computer can process those effects). Yup, so looking forward to what the next semester brings!