Month: August 2018

Sketch >>> Instagram-Eyes-Mug-Kitchen (Fabian & Zhou Yang)

Deconstructions of concept given to us:




Main concept:

The Device is a lens that allows you to see the stories of others.

like on Instagram, you can now instantly consume and connect with these 
stories of others

and here are a couple of ideas stemming from this, to place the interaction
in a kitchen, using the mug as the object of interaction,

Idea 1

Function of the app used: Insta-stories as a consumption of other users'
 life or experiences they choose to share on the net.

Metaphor: Mugs/ glasses/ cups as a vessel to contain, view and finally 
consume the beverage and the insta-stories at the same time.

The lens super-imposes the stories you want to see based on your 
beverage of choice.

cat videos X espresso shot

Perhaps as quickly down the throat as you'd just
ordered it? Just needed that fix. The daily dose of the everyday.

entertainment videos X beer mug

Or now enjoying it slow and chill, now chugging it down fast? The hype 
and all the crazy things you wished you could do.

travel videos X wine glass

And maybe having the relaxing sip and taking time to explore the 
world through someone-else's eyes? 

How does someone-else's insta-stories taste like? 
The user chooses the way to consume them.

Idea 2

Function of the app used: Insta-stories as a way to connect with strangers.
Granting strangers access to your private accounts.

Metaphor: The clinking of mugs/ glasses/ cups, the universally accepted
way of saying  "Cheers !" and hence celebrating a conversation or interaction
over the consumption of beverages in a social setting.

For this idea, we are thinking of a social event similar to sort of 
Venetian Mask Party,

step 1 where people would start off the interaction by saying "Cheers !" 

step 2 When they clink their mugs together, their lenses immediately grants access 
to the person they have chose to connect with.

step 3 They can now see the stories the other person has pre-uploaded and 
at any time,
they may choose to sip on their drink with would mean that they give a like to the 
stories shared.

step 4 and so finally they can choose to end the connection by closing their eyes 
and turning away to find a new person to connect with.

Image result for cheersRelated imageImage result for sip on drink cartoonRelated image

So, that are the couple of very simple sketch ideas we had for 
the second class exercise.

And what was interesting to learn is that we can start by ascribing meaning
to objects and working concepts from there. Deconstructing already existing 
design models and reconstructing them to find associations and 
patterns of interaction in a new situation or 
with new objects.

Research Critique 2: The World’s First Collaborative Sentence

Douglas Davis:
The World’s First Collaborative Sentence
Launched 1994, Restored 2013

donated to the Whitney Museum  in 1995

“The Sentence has no end. Sometimes I think it had no beginning. Now I salute its authors, which means all of us. You have made a wild, precious, awful, delicious, lovable, tragic, vulgar, fearsome, divine thing.”
Douglas Davis, 2000

The Exquisite Corpse  on epic scale


Moon (2013) by Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson. launched at the Falling Walls Conference, Berlin, 9 November 2013.

Interactive website for collective universal doodling. You do not need to board the Apollo 13, the space race is over. Just leave your mark on a virtual moon.

the link is here:



The Man with a Movie Camera (1929) by Dziga Vertov. The making of cinema.

Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake

web-based video collaboration to reinvent Dziga Vertov’s masterpiece

the ultimate digital internet montage

the link is here:


At this point of my foray into understanding internet art, I feel that the internet has created a new meaning to the Aura of the artwork in the digital age, far evolved from Walter Benjamin’s ideas of reproduction.

The images in this post went through these steps:

  1. projected onto the screen from the school desktop

  2. captured on my smartphone

  3. sent to myself on whatsapp

  4. downloaded on whatsapp web onto my laptop

  5. posted on to OSS

So even in the making of a simple post like this, there are multiple transmission channels and mediation happening. And this is what the internet can create for us digital artist. A tool that will continue to break all that we know about the media apparatus (Jean-Louis Baudry).

The only way to make sense of it all, is to find a way to be in-situ on the vast net.

Video Double – Musician in the ClØset

Persona: Artist who is stuck. Unseen, unheard. Thinks he is talented and unique (or maybe not at all? not in a hundred years?). But does not have the strength to venture out.


some thoughts:

Well, I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Although it is kind of fun in hindsight. This is not what I envisioned the first project of the semester to be.

I shall post this to YouTube before I regret it, though.

My mom is wondering what went down in the store for so long?

She threw out the Headphones! Okay, not because I was doing weird, unexplainable art at home, but because they were flaking.

Was wondering how long someone could watch this and not get uncomfortable?

Anyway you should play this while plugged in to your headphones too, for the full effect.

I hope your impression of me is very different from this alter ego.

I guess that is what many YouTubers think of? Their own personality versus their curated and projected self showcased onto the Internet. Food for thought. Perhaps some of these emerging questions will find answers in this course.