Research Critique 1 (Retweeted on OSS)

In response to Prof. Randall Parker’s Open Source Studio (2015).

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  1. Your response to the question caught my eye and left me feeling a bit confused from the retweets. I wonder why you chose to respond in this way. I think I’m missing a point but would love to know why you did what you did.

    • Hey Nadia, to be honest, I am not sure why I chose to try out Twitter (for the very first time btw). Perhaps it is to venture into something I don’t usually do for this OSS course or simply to force myself into a word-count limitation (as I’ve heard it is famous for that and indeed I found myself struggling).

      But all in all, I would say that I feel that OSS is such a huge topic and the considerations / implications are ever-growing. My responses, all-off-the-bat from my head, were really just floating thoughts that barely scraped the barrel. So like the start of a new stream-of-consciousness, I think that is how I am going to approach this course. Let’s see where our curiosities all get us 🙂

  2. I do agree that individualism and being unique is important in this digital age where information comes in abundance. It is so easy to just obtain information from various sources and transform them into an expression that you feel is creativity worthy. And this is what many people are doing online, taking something and merely changing it into another form and call it their own. People stop having the patience to think as individuals but are influenced by what is out there. The reckless urge to express oneself brought by the convenience provided by technology.

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