I did my stretching. Tied up my laces. Using Facebook Live, armed with my umbrella, I embarked on a-not-usual-usual-morning-run.

So yea I usually listen to a whole side when I run. It clears my mind and allows me to appreciate the art. Indeed, I have actually used tracks I can replay in my mind to pace myself for runs when I cannot blast music.

This time round I was listening to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) by Genesis. They are one of my favorite bands from the UK. The track in the one minute shown in this post is Broadway Melody of 1974.

This album is rather interesting as it was a transition album for them. I really enjoy the whole narrative of it, where a protagonist, Rael, who is somewhat of an alien, gets himself mixed up in a nightmarish and possibly an alternate universe of New York, in order to save his brother, and ends up having several surreal and (dis)connected adventures.

Image result for the lamb lies down on broadway copyrightI have really been feeling like that lately, because weird things have a way of finding themselves into my life. Like the from bad end of the spectrum. Stuck in a blue funk. Not quite catching my breath. And I kind of need to trudge on. Maybe everything will fall into place somehow. Although I would not want to meet the “ku-klux clan who serve hot soul food” while “the band play In The Mood” in any of my adventures.

It took me twice the amount of time with half the distance covered :p (and yes my phone’s default language is in Chinese)

So looks like you really shouldn’t exercise with distractions.  But I really enjoyed this experiment to get to introduce some of the music I hear. Though, hopefully my rendition overlayed didn’t spoil it haha!









Full link here, by the way, existing till which point it expires:

Posted by Fabian Kang on Wednesday, 12 September 2018