Peter de Cupere Blind Smelling Stick & a Scent Telescope (2012), in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Blind Smell Stick has a tiny bulb on the end with holes and smell detectors.
  • Scents reach your nose through the tube, helped by some mini ventilators, heating, and filters.
  • The dark glasses cancel out your sense of sight and you focus on smelling and finding your way through touching with the stick.

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Sensory replacement –  Sight >>> Smell (Sound/Touch)

Adding another sense to the focus of the blind man’s stick

“It can help blind people to find their way, or to prevent that they walk in a shit (they can smell it before).”


I felt that this piece created a new experience simply by bringing a less used sense to the fore of daily navigation. This places the user in an interesting dynamic as we are making a decision on where to walk or turn away from, based on what we smell.

Peter de Cupere presents a different take on the experience of losing one’s sight.



Special mention:

Derek Jarman Blue (1993).

Film that is not visual, but about the failing of the visual sense.