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Category2D Foundation – 7

DOW 2 – Humavox Wireless Charging


A portable wireless charging platform that utilizes near-field radio frequency waves to charge almost any device wirelessly.


Our current lifestyle demands us to be surrounded with an array of devices. However it means that we have to deal with cables, charging ports, etc of all sorts. So it comes as no surprise that we have constantly been seeking various wireless solutions of all kinds, with remote controllers, WIFI pairing, etc. And for wireless charging this is the continuation of the quest that Nikola Tesla  set himself upon with his “Tesla Towers” in hopes of making possible the phenomena of wireless power transfer.

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The designers of Humavox looked at this 21st century problem and came up with the technology and design solution that answers conveniently and effectively to our devices need to always be juiced up.

As opposed to other current solutions What can Humavox do:

  1. Portable charging that can occur anywhere
  2. Devices can be placed inside anyhow
  3. The possibility to turn any regular container into a charging station


2D Final Project EGO


From top to bottem:

  1. 执着(obsession) –  蹉跎 (time wasting) = 平衡 (getting my balance)
  2. 飞翔 (taking flight) + 创意 (creativity) = 寻梦 (chasing my dream)
  3. 扎根 (deep rootedness) x  放眼 (outlooking) = 呐喊 (finding my voice)
  4. 等待 (waiting) + 想象 (imaginitation) = 幸福 (living my happiness)




Nursery Rhyme

The nursery rhyme I chose was “POP goes the weasel!”. Developed a visual design surrounding the same concept from this rhyme.


Final work:

Screenshot 2015-10-31 23.56.37 Screenshot 2015-10-31 23.56.42



Screenshot 2015-10-31 23.56.47 Screenshot 2015-10-31 23.56.52



20151026_135530 20151026_135524 20151026_135513 20151026_135537

A ____________ is a . that went for a w…a…l……k……….


Close-up of the final work.(from top to bottem: spontaneous, nonsensical, psychotic)

final lines (4)

7 pages from my research sketchbook.