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Homeward Swirls (Film Short)

卷土重来: 记忆的投影 (Homeward Swirls: A Projection of Memory)

Digital Video and Stopmotion, 04:55mins, 1280 x 720 pixels


When the swirls of imagination and memory coincide in incandescent flashes, will I still know every inch of home? I embark on a homeward swirl in a projection of memory to a most familiar yet unfamiliar version of my house. Have I awoke on a Saturday having returned home the night before, or am I really just lying in my campus residential hall room tired from a session of area cleaning?

a film by Fabian Kang






just some interesting things:


this scene was filmed from this angle:


I certainly was a little apprehensive as I looked upon my camera hanging from its precarious position, but it was a good venture. I enjoy finding cheap methods for effects and Film back in its experimental days really intrigues me with that charm of hurried and effective film solutions.

The reason for these shots to be emphasized a lot is

Screenshot 2016-01-31 00.12.00

When I am alone, I really like to dance my fingers on surfaces to create some sounds just to break the silence. So I thought that it would be an interesting way of “walking home”, as the representation of home going is a rather surreal one in my film.

At 03:35 of the film, you might notice something a little perculiar about this shot.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 00.02.03

Apart from the different presentation of the screen where I had it split into 2 parts, there is actually 2 frames where my parents are framed in the shot. Working on this film made me think that not only I have spent less time at home, but I really do see / interact with my parents a lot less these days hence that split second.


groovy monday


I am Fabian and here is my idea of dancing:


my mother always bade me have an umbrella ready when going out. It is good advice.

and this (below) is my favorite project from last semester, it is a group film project titled “En-Scene”. I’m not going to tell you what it is about, you have to watch it yourself, but it is definitely cooler than my umbrella dance.



would like to share another project I did with a couple of friends for the N.E.mation competition. Here:

have a good start to the week and the semester!!