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2D Final Project EGO


From top to bottem:

  1. 执着(obsession) –  蹉跎 (time wasting) = 平衡 (getting my balance)
  2. 飞翔 (taking flight) + 创意 (creativity) = 寻梦 (chasing my dream)
  3. 扎根 (deep rootedness) x  放眼 (outlooking) = 呐喊 (finding my voice)
  4. 等待 (waiting) + 想象 (imaginitation) = 幸福 (living my happiness)




A ____________ is a . that went for a w…a…l……k……….


Close-up of the final work.(from top to bottem: spontaneous, nonsensical, psychotic)

final lines (4)

7 pages from my research sketchbook.