Persona: Artist who is stuck. Unseen, unheard. Thinks he is talented and unique (or maybe not at all? not in a hundred years?). But does not have the strength to venture out.


some thoughts:

Well, I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Although it is kind of fun in hindsight. This is not what I envisioned the first project of the semester to be.

I shall post this to YouTube before I regret it, though.

My mom is wondering what went down in the store for so long?

She threw out the Headphones! Okay, not because I was doing weird, unexplainable art at home, but because they were flaking.

Was wondering how long someone could watch this and not get uncomfortable?

Anyway you should play this while plugged in to your headphones too, for the full effect.

I hope your impression of me is very different from this alter ego.

I guess that is what many YouTubers think of? Their own personality versus their curated and projected self showcased onto the Internet. Food for thought. Perhaps some of these emerging questions will find answers in this course.