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Task 1


In Assignment task 1, I have done three parts: introduction of yourself, your object, and your world.




  1. In introduction of myself, I started with a sentence that I wanted to express in three images: Reading is a solitary activity and it helps me build Worlds.


Therefore the three photos represented a simple message that leads to the larger objective:


  1. I like reading.
  2. Reading is a solitary activity for me.
  3. The books help me build worlds when I read.


Composition of images:

  1. The first image is a close-up to the object I wish to show and is a lead-in for the viewers to the other two images and the message.
  2. The top down shot shows a fairy ring-like semi circle of books around me to suggests the magical quality of the books around me. The subject is faced away as a subtle indication that she wished not to be disturbed.
  3. The last image is a not-quite close up that allows the viewers a glimpse of the subject’s delighted face, as she seemed to be building castles with the books. The prevalent theme in the photographs is Play, and is indicative of the state of mind of the subject when reading books.



  1. In photos of object, it is used for the representation of the Self. My reference sentence was:


“We think with the objects we love, we love the objects we think with.”

– Sherry Turkle, Introduction: The Things That Matter



1.2.5 copy

Using that idea of relating an idea with an object, my chosen object was a soft toy. These are photos that require context to understand; the toy was a gift from my secondary school friends and was the only toy I chose to bring with me to my hostel. The soft toy represents a link to the Past and the safety and comfort associated with it because I was comfortable with it. The space, which was my hostel room, represented the present and the foreseeable Future.


Taking a picture of the soft toy in the hostel room was a representation of a link to the past in my current future.


In the photos,

  1. Hands hold onto the toy in a possessive gesture, which represents an unwillingness to release the Past.
  2. A face of happiness shown when interacting with the toy shows an unwillingness to let go and my ability to continue finding comfort in the past.
  3. Picture three shows me dragging the toy like a child would, which represents youth or childishness. The morose expression and hand at my face, representing regret, shows reluctance at letting the past go.


Composition of images:

  1. Close-up of hands to show the meaning of the toy to the subject.
  2. Half body shot to show interaction with the soft toy and further visual clues of the importance and thoughts of the subject to the soft toy.
  3. A full body shot and gesture of the subject as representation of the soft toy and its symbolism to the subject.
  4. Black and white was chosen to highlight the soft toy and the expressions or gesture made by the subject.


  1. In the photos of my world, I chose the National Library. It has astounding architecture and was a building of knowledge. Books are amazing because they hold so much information inside.





Composition of images:

  1. I wanted to show the architecture in different layout because of the way you had to view it in the space itself- crane your neck to view the ceiling, look out the window to see the building- and I wanted people to be able to marvel at that. This could be considered a wide shot, and it took in the whole space to show the structure and innate beauty.
  2. Books are amazing in themselves but this should have been better thought out and expressed to show what I wanted to. The close up of books might have been too literal.
  3. Similarly, the architecture once again presents itself in interesting form.


Final Presentation:



Reflection: On hindsight, the project could have been better if I had a focus before I went out to take photographs. This would have cut down on wasted time as I struggled to rush to places to retake photos. Although the brief is short, the project demands a higher level of thinking in terms of composition, meaning of images, and flow. It was not easy but I had learnt a couple of new tricks and even a better understanding of the use of the camera.



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