Question 1 essay proposal

Hi there,

Below is the essay proposal format I have for art history. It is still very rough but has a layout of what I am intending to focus on for each paragraph.


Proposal format for question 1: 

What is Chinese tomb art? Compare two bronzes from the Shang dynasty. OR compare two terracotta figures from the Qin dynasty.



  • What is Chinese tomb art?
  • Why are there Chinese tomb art?
  • Examples of Chinese tomb art

Tentative claim:

  • The terracotta warriors in Qin Shihuangdi’s grave are part of a majestic range of Chinese tomb art for the emperor.


Plan for essay:

  • Compare between two terracotta warriors.
  • Analysis of similarities and differences between both art pieces.
  • Analysis of significance of tomb art in context.


Possible paragraphs envisioned (Numbers below represent paragraphs)

  1. Introduction to Chinese tomb art. This includes their use, appearance, and context of history and religion in which it was used.
  2. Introduction of both terracotta pieces for comparism. Compare on similarity and differences.
  3. Analysis on context for both terracotta pieces.
  4. Attempt to answer and support the tentative claim that terracotta warriors are part of a majestic form of Chinese tomb art.
  5. Conclusion to highlight tentative claim once more.