Micro-Projects: Glitches Aberrations

Temple Visit-4
Original picture: The beautiful photo I took by myself at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

TextEdit Result

1 2

2-min copy 2 2-min copy

2-min copy 4 2-min copy 5

At first, It was so hard to make it entirely different from the original image. What happened was some parts of the picture moved or were copied to the other parts of the image. There were no change in color or pattern whatsoever. After some times, finally, the color changed!!!! Rejoice rejoice! So what I did was copying a big chunk of text, then put in inside that highlighted big chunk of text that I copied. So the copied text is inside the original text itself and TADDAH the color changed. Yeah.


Using Image Glitch Tool

When I was frustrated yeah I did try using this online software. The results were even more awesome! I should try the TextEdit more to get the results as good as this tool.

2-glitched-2-16-2016-1-52-51-PM 2-glitched-2-16-2016-1-58-50-PM 2-glitched-2-16-2016-1-58-14-PM 2-glitched-2-16-2016-1-58-03-PM


Awesommeeee patterns!

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  1. You are very resourceful! Clearly you got more dramatic results out of the glitch tool, but we will discuss how tools that yield specific results, as well as plugins, are not exactly what the glitch artists like Rosa Menkman have in mind. Glitch making requires a lot of trial and error, experimentation to obtain surprising and unexpected results. The problem with glitch tools is that they tend to be more predictable, but we will discuss.

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