ART HISTORY: Essay Proposal

What is Chinese tomb art?

  • Definition of tomb art.
  • What is tomb art in Chinese culture, hence what makes chinese tomb art different from other culture’s tomb art.
  • The purpose of tomb art for Chinese: religious, social, personal functions.


Compare two bronzes from the Shang dynasty.

  • Form of tomb art during the Shang dynasty: bronzes.
  • Types of bronzes found.
  • Brief information on Royal tombs and their burial items as well as commoners’ tombs and their items.
  • (More detailed)  Hence, comparing two bronzes found from Lady Hao tomb (royal tomb) and a commoner/person of a non-royal blood’s tomb.
    • The differences
    • The similarities
    • Meanings
  • Claim: The importance of Shang funeral bronzes is more inclined towards differentiating social status rather than religious purposes.



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  1. Nice introduction! But, you need to speak of bronze as well in the introduction.
    Have they really found a commoner’s tomb from the Shang period that has Shang bronzes?
    Your current claim is a good start but it has the verb “is.” Does it really come from your comparison? The claim should be framed as a comparison (i.e. similarities and differences).

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