PROJECT UPDATE 2: The Black Robe

What I keep saying about Media&Performances to other people:

Oh my God, my UE is so difficult. First, coding is a whole new thing to me. Second, fashion is a whole new thing to me. So, the module is a whole new world (sing Aladdin). But whoa, you have no idea how much I have learned…

No pain no gain B).

Second Prototype

Yeap I decided to make the second prototype, because I felt something can be changed from the first prototype. I wanted to try smaller back pattern and pointed end for the front. At the same time, I used this opportunity to practice sewing. I took 1.5h just to set up the whole machine on my own without guidance. I am proud…

20160322_120545 20160322_120537

I kinda like it more, and because of time constraint, I went straight to the real fabric material: bridal satin.

What is bad about this pattern is the back side is too narrow for my bottom, but it fits well for my shoulder. Sigh, fashion is complicated. I appreciate those fashion maker more now…

The Black Robe

YEAAAHHHH Not 100% done but surely can be worn already. The belt still needs more thinking process on how to attach the lights to it because I think I want the electronics to be on the belt instead on the robe.

20160323_222428 20160323_22235520160323_222320 20160323_222211

What I like about the robe is that

  1. Yeah it looks classy B)
  2. Adjustable. The measurement is legit All Size.
  3. Really adjustable: a kimono top, a coat, an asymmetrical kimono and dunno what.
  4. I think I can wear this as daily wear afterwards XD

For the belt, it happened to be like that as a result of pure experimental. So that ‘mesh’ is not really flexible but can be folded. Initially I wanted to roll each cut pieces, but I put the glue gun a bit too much and spread out. So the glued part is asymmetrical and all. So I just thought “yeah just put the glue gun anywhere and fold it randomly.” From this belt, I learn the beauty of imperfection :)).

I might change the belt but yeah this looks quite right for me.


I was able to change the colors of the lights and sequence of the lights I could even get pastel colors like baby pink, baby blue, light violet, salmon pink colors of lights BUT I DONT KNOW HOW MY BABY LILYPAD BROKE DOWN OR SOMETHING I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IT WAS SOO HOT AND ‘ELECTROCUTE’ ME AND THEN DIED *cry*

So I reset it, but the port can’t be detected by my laptop!!! I need Naga so badly now and if it cant be used anymore I will have to buy the board ASAP (so faraway hiks). I pray hard now the board still can be used so I can do the coding immediately!!!

Yeah bad things did happen, so i’m behind for the electronics sigh…

Playing with expensive electronics is a source of heart attack. Beware…


The awesomeness level of this class IS ROCKETING <3 <3 I cant stop being grateful for all the guidance this week especially from Prof Galina and Naga. I think it was my first time to have a teacher who would stay with me and Xinhong up to 3AM in the morning T.T. Thank you so much Galina, I would do my best for my costume with all the energy I have.

And I feel that my passion is really in fashion :3, I really want to explore more <3


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  1. Your process seems to be full of ups and downs! I agree that the second version of the costume looks like a better fit. I would definitely consult with Galina as to why your electronics burned out, sorry to hear about that. Plus, don’t forget to make note of your dance movements: remember the costumes and wearables are supporting your performance, so you need to be be sure you don’t forget the solo work you went over with Angeline. I would also suggest that you practice the movement and even expand on it for our next rehearsal.

    Excellent update!

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